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Let An Expert Take Care of You!

Did you know that life expectancy in this country has increased significantly in the past few decades? Make dental implants a reality today and let this be your solution to restoring beauty to your natural teeth. Call our Green Hills, TN office to make your appointment today! Click here to learn more >>

Avoid Dentures

Be proactive in replacing your missing teeth with dental implants so you can retain that critical bone before it is too late. Click here to learn more >>

State of the Art- 3D CT Technology


Montee & Montee Dental Co. in Green Hills, TN uses 3D Cone Beam CT technology to diagnose and propose your treatment plan for dental implant restoration. This innovative diagnostic tool allows us to render 3D images of your entire jaw- nerves, teeth, bone, sinuses and airways.
Having a 3D virtual model to look at, we can accurately place your dental implant in the most desirable location avoiding areas like your nerves, sinuses and thin bone providing you more predictable success. Call Montee & Montee Dentistry today at their Green Hills location for more information! Click here to learn more >>

ANATOMAGE- Clinically Advanced

Anatomage allows us to virtually plan your dental implant treatment with you in our Green Hills, TN office. We want you to be are a part of the planning every step of the way. Click here to learn more >>

Implant Overdentures

Implant Overdentures Montee & Montee Dental Nashville, TN

When conventional dentures are ill-fitting or move around in your mouth it’s hard to remain confident in you smile. Implant Overdentures are providing  Green Hills patients with stability when wearing conventional dentures. Click here to learn more >>